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The Finance and Administration Specialized Training (FAST) Program at the University of Kentucky strengthens business and financial operations in accordance with university policies and best practices to ensure greater trust, transparency and accountability across our campus.


The program begins with five introductory Financial Foundations courses due within 60 days of enrollment. It continues with on-going training that requires participants to complete two courses every six months before compliance deadlines in June and December.

In the on-going portion of the program, participants select the courses they would like to take from the FAST course library. At this time, courses cannot be repeated for credit toward compliance.

FAST Schedule


This continuing education program is mandatory for employees who maintain any type of fiscal responsibility or provide financial reporting.

Any staff member who is new or has recently assumed any of the responsibilities listed in the criteria will be required to enroll as a mandatory participant. 

Anyone who is interested in enhancing their skills or expanding their knowledge also is welcome to take courses through myUK Learning.

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Business officers and supervisors request enrollment in the program for employees with fiscal responsibilities.

The FAST team assigns the Financial Foundations curriculum in the myUK Learning Management System (LMS). Once Financial Foundations is completed, the FAST team will assign the FAST Training Cycle curriculum in the LMS. Participants will receive email notifications when the assignments have been made. 

Participants can view the curriculum assigned to their learning plan by logging into myUK and navigating to myUK Learning. 


UK Finance and Administration Specialized Training